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International Fair in Spain

In Zaragoza, the most important agricultural mechanization fair in the country takes place every two years. This year is in its 40th edition and we are proud to be part of this very important event!See gallery

New projects

Dryer 4.0

Industrial dryers currently on the market, require a fixed installation and use a great deal of energy for the drying cycle. These two characteristics are strongly limiting for all products that in, order to preserve the properties of the product, need for the drying to start immediately after harvest. Starting the drying cycle immediately after harvesting means having the dryer directly in the field and, given the energy requirements - not always available - and the strong limits linked to the physical installation of the dryer, it is not an easily realizable operation. From these needs and problems, the idea was born of a new generation dryer, which goes beyond these limits and becomes an easy tool capable of keeping the properties of the dried product intact, increasing its economic value.
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To allow this to happen the dryer must be:

Energetically self-sufficient
Extremely efficient
Easily transportable

From these observations a new product was born, already in an advanced planning phase that will be:

Fully automated thanks to Agrowireless technology and Agrocontrol software.
  • The dryer and all of its components are connected to the internet, the entire drying phase can be programmed, managed and monitored by a technician, via Agrocontrol software, wherever he is in the world.
  • Cameras inside the drying room allow you to view the status of the product directly from the software
  • It is possible to set the drying cycle specific for the type of dried product.
  • During the drying cycle all the parameters detected by the sensors that are saved in a specific database can be viewed. Also the energy consumption during the drying cycle is checked and recorded, allowing exact recording of the costs

Extremely efficient and self-sufficient

  • Self-sufficient in the production of heat thanks to adjustable solar thermal panels, which make the most of solar radiation
  • Electrically self-sufficient thanks to a rechargeable battery pack, designed to power all the electronics and part of the electrical components, and a generator that is activated by the control system only when there is the real request for intervention of components with higher operating voltage.
  • A sophisticated ventilation system allows a homogeneous drying of the whole product.

Easily transportable.

  • The drying room and the technical room are built inside a container that can be transported on a trailer by means of a tractor unit directly on the collection field. The trailer can be unhooked and left in place until all drying cycles have been completed.
  • In case of long distances the container can also travel by ship. In this case the entire solar thermal apparatus can be easily unhooked and stored inside the drying room. Once arrived at the destination it is sufficient to reposition the solar panels on the container and reconnect them to the plant.

In conclusion, the characteristics of this dryer allow direct use in the field with the consequent benefits on the quality of the dried product and its market value. The energy resources used to carry out the drying cycles mainly come from recyclable sources, allowing reduction of operating costs to a minimum.


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  • Oct 2017

Bioinagro is the result of an entrepreneurial committment born to combine the best Sicilian agri-food tradition with the most promising research and innovative applications in the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic fields.

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