Water, a resource
to be protected

Agriculture and technology,
an indispensable link

The team

Angelo Incorvaia

Executive Sales Manager

Sandro Incorvaia

Technical manager

Angelo Sanfilippo

Business Analyst

Andrea Ventimiglia

Social media Manager


Why do we want to innovate?

Real innovation doesn’t replace tradition, but supports it, making things more modern in an era in which everything runs at an unnatural speed for those arriving from the past.
Imagine an innovation that safeguards our memory and is at its service.
We are able to do this by combining our skills and products to service your needs, habits, and traditions.
What we create is tailor-made for you.
A great American architect of the twentieth century, Frank Lloyd Wright, was fond of saying:

If a man uses it with a creative spirit, the machine will be a servant and liberator of mankind.

And at Agrowireless, we strongly believe this.